With this book, I hope to let people free their minds and explore new possibilities for the challenging times ahead.

I trust that this book will help anyone who reads it in any way they allow it to.

A secondary goal was to keep this book brief and to the point, and to make it available for free for everyone and on as many different channels as possible. I fully realise many people are very preoccupied with their daily routines in society. I don’t believe one should read 50 books so one could grasp what is important in this very special moment of human and Universal evolution.

The third goal I didn’t succeed in making: serving this as one piece of literature. Because of my current lifestyle, I’ll have to release this book in parts.

I’ve never been much of a reader myself, and I hope this book inspires some young people and gives them a head-start in their already exciting lives.

Good songs don’t last long. I used the same philosophy while writing this book.


This Earth is a well-disguised paradise, and so is your life. Before you start reading, I’d like to ask you one thing: forget all that you were ever told. Every implanted thought. Park it somewhere safe before you continue. Even your life-philosophy or religion or the views of your partner, parents, siblings, friends or any other higher moral authority.

Having the intention to read this book is a sign of bravery and courage. However, your effort will be useless if you cannot let go of your beliefs during your read. This is a book where you’ll have to trust that I mean you no harm, and that although I can’t prove much of the claims in it, you’ll find they make sense.

This book deals with semantics. About the energy of words. In today’s rapid-communication-society the meaning of words is eroding quickly. Just think how many people use the verb “to hate” on a daily basis. Other positive words like peace, democracy, love and sex have rapidly eroded as well. That’s why you’ll see me talking about Universe and universe, Time and time, and so forth. It’s necessary to make a clear distinction between what words used to mean and what they are abused for in today’s fast way of living.

Enjoy the read!

Julez Edward