Paradise In Disguise is a thought-provoking book by Julez Edward about life. Each Wednesday a new chapter is posted. You can subscribe to RSS to receive them, as well as through Twitter or Facebook. As soon as July 3rd, 2013 you will be able download the free e-book version for your tablet or computer.

Only if enough people agree to chop down a few trees, the book will be published on paper and be made available for just the production cost through various online stores. If you wish to contribute to this, head over to the crowdfunding page.


Julez Edward is a free spirit. His background as a tech consultant and his ongoing spiritual journey, gave him the experience and insights that led him to write this book. One of the key things he discovered while writing this book, is that nothing is ever finished, that’s why this book is regularly updated.

Paradise In Disguise takes you on a unique journey through the Universe and provides some unique perspectives on life as we know it. Julez uses whatever he can find to make a point. Arithmetic, physics, sacred texts, pieces of art or architecture all lend their uses to form the pieces of an ingenious puzzle called life.

Julez is the founder of the Julez Edward Enterprise, an internet venture that creates and runs several websites to enhance anyone’s life.

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