Chapter IX: The Circle Never Ends

When I started writing this book, I intended to only write a few words about circles. Circles never end, and they never stop making sense too.

They are the most amazing structure ever. They naturally form when we drop a stone in water or the way the tremors of an earthquake travel through the surface of the planet.

They are why we have something called a personal space or an aura. They are why most reported UFO’s are indeed a sign of higher intelligence species, they are why most — and authentic — crop circles are circular in shape and make intense use of the circle. They define the boundaries of any consciousness being. One of them lays at the basis of Stonehenge, one of the oldest artificial circles constructed on this planet. They explain why our most amazing inventions, past, present and future are all based on the wheel or circle. From the chariots to the steering wheel of our cars, to compasses that helped us discover our planet, to the lids we put on the jar of jam. Yes, even the way screws screwed most of our modern tools together — their are nothing more than a rotating circle in 3D space — much as our DNA strands we saw before.

You can’t talk about circles without mentioning the clock. A clock with dials that is. This instrument is an absolute nightmare to read for any child. It takes them days or weeks to figure out how it works. Clocks are derived from the solar clocks that obviously needed to be circular or elliptical, because of all the other circles and ellipses we are part of.

Circles are truly the most amazing concept the Universe has to offer us in terms of wisdom. It’s how it always worked, how it works today, how it will work tomorrow. By now, I trust that you’re convinced about how circles are a law in our lives, and the more we blend with them, the easier and more comfortable our lives become.

Rotating circles form the fundaments for DNA, and they create a linear representation of a sine wave or sinusoid, which in turn can be found in the frequency of sound, the frequency waves of light forming different colours, frequency of radios.

These chapters were necessary for me to show you the physical side of it. It shouldn’t be too much of a brain teaser to realise they can serve a great deal in to help us unleash our full potential in the history of humanity, as well as on each of our individual lives.

The Law Of Attraction:
Opposite energies always attract.

There should be no surprise when it comes to the law of attraction. Magnets are the most prominent physical entities demonstrating that opposites attract. Often called plus and minus or North and South, these poles are merely just the opposites on the circumference of a circle. Opposite points on the circumference of a circle, always chase each other, while at the same time also running away from each other.

Once again, we are shown how the Universe is a quite logic paradise. Things get really interesting when you have a bunch of magnets all connecting together to form a circle.