Chapter I: In The Beginning There Was Nothing

“In the beginning there was nothing and then there was something.” This never made any sense to me, but I refused to think about it, until my grandfather died some years ago. I had a very strong relationship with him. I knew and I felt he wasn’t completely gone. A part of him was still here.

I had two fairly spectacular car accidents in my life, both in which it was a matter of millimetres between life and death. I know that at the moment the crashes happened, I wasn’t driving anymore. Some energy took over my body and turned me instantly into a Formula 1 pilot. I’m convinced this force saved my life twice. Like the elderly use to say: it wasn’t my time yet. Those elderly we lock up in age care centres and supposedly don’t have time for, keep some amazing truths.

Both of my parents are atheists. On top of that they are science and math teachers. I was never baptised as a result of that, which was quite rare back in the early 80’s in Western Europe. However, my grandfather believed in something. He kept repeating that he saw ‘God’ in every flower he looked at.

That expression kept hunting me for years. Until I found out what he meant.

Something created all of this. We can’t create anything without energy. If we can’t create anything without energy, then whatever created this, was there before this planet got created. This also means that the energy that created this part of the universe we humans can perceive, was created by another preceding energy that was there before our creation energy was created. This must goes on and on as an infinity.

After we give this some thought, we can only conclude that — because of this infinite loop — the universe, the Milky Way, our Solar System, planet Earth and cascading down to all its inhabitants, are physical manifestations of an eternal energy. Nothing really ends, dies, begins or gets born. It is merely energy transforming.

The good news is that there are no exceptions to this law. Contrary to human invented laws, Universal laws have no exceptions. They apply all the time. Here’s the first one:

The Law Of Infinity:
All that is in the Universe is eternal.

When a new energy arrives on this planet, whether it is a microbe or a human being, we incorrectly refer to it as a birth. More correctly would be to see these events as rebirths. So in the beginning, there was something. This could be a big relief for most of this planets inhabitants, we’ll live on forever. Our physical bodies and our minds will cease to be part of this 3D reality down here, but our consciousness will live on.

Note that I’ll write universe without capital whenever I’m talking about the physical one we had to learn about at school. Whenever I write Universe, I am talking about the Divine Source, the Creator or Source or God, or whatever you’d like to call it.

The same will go for Time and time. These are important semantic distinctions to be made. We’ll have a more elaborate look at time and Time in a further chapter.

A wise man once told me that we can learn a great deal by observing the world around us. It are these observations that I am sharing in this book.

The Universe is nothing more than a gigantic puzzle, and there are many pieces to it. At the start of this book, you will be puzzled, but I hope that when you endure, you’ll see this magnificent picture we all share. All beginnings are difficult, and it’ll get better and better. So hang in there, Brave One, for it is you who will have to lay the last piece, because — as you will see — the last piece of the puzzle is an entire new puzzle on its own.